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Ask about your talent needs.Why Meridian Talent solutions?

If you’re like many of today’s companies, you may often need to employ resources for a project, but you don’t want to add staff to your existing full-time workforce. And you don’t need or want the expense of temp workers. In cases like these, an employer of record is often the best solution. At Meridian, we specialize in employing talent. And no one is better qualified to solve your needs than we are. Leave it to us, so you can concentrate on your primary day-to-day activities.

Employer of record

We Do It So You Don’t Have To, Saving You Overhead Burden And Cost

When you have a group of workers that you’ve acquired, you may want to manage them like a contingent workforce without the added markup。 Using Meridian as an employer of record allows that to happen。 More important, this will simplify onboarding, timesheet and paycheck processing while decreasing your liability。

We can do this thanks to our experience managing contingent workers for more than a decade. We have the processes and systems to efficiently manage this worker pool, allowing you to focus on solving your business problems.


Ensuring Your Contingent Workforce Gets To Work Quickly And Without Missing Critical Paperwork, System Activations Or Background Checks

Getting your workers to work and become productive in solving your problems is the most important aspect of acquiring contingent workers. Effective and timely onboarding ensures that your workers are starting when you need them and that they are ready to be productive the day they arrive.

Thanks to our experience and expertise, we can quickly process the onboarding of new workers and ensure they begin working when you expect them to—all with minimized risk. In short, we focus on the delivery of your workers and the compliance required to ensure they are ready to work per your requirements.

Timesheet and paycheck processing

Ensuring Your Workers Are Paid Accurately And Timely Is Critical To Your Success. This Is Our Business

Managing and paying hourly workers can be laborious and time consuming. Offloading this to Meridian as part of a payrolling solution is one of the many benefits you will see in working with us. We leverage web-based systems for timesheet management, payroll and benefits management, allowing your workers the greatest access to their critical pay and benefit information at all times.

Ensuring the workers we manage for our clients are paid timely is a top priority to us. To that end, we have invested in critical technologies and have developed measurable, repeatable processes to make this function available and reliable at all times.


Often Overlooked, It’s The Most Important Requirement In Reducing Risk

Managing workers of any type, full-time or contingent, involves liability and risk。 Good and effective management of compliance will help reduce risk and assure that your workforce is focusing on what’s important: solving business problems。

Meridian offers many years of experience in managing and ensuring compliance with hiring practices required by law。 We’ve done it for some of the biggest companies in the world。 In short, we spend time assuring compliance, so you have more time to focus on your business issues and solve your business problems。

How to contact the problem solvers

We’re always eager to hear from those who want to learn more about what we do and how we can help。 Here are the best ways to get in touch with us。

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Seeking Talent?

Contact either of our staffing offices or send us a message here:

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