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We probably know a little bit about you。 You don’t just want a job; you want a challenge。 And the chance to grow in your IT career。 You also want to work for strong companies with exciting things happening all the time。 You can find all that—and more—with Meridian Staffing。

We constantly seek talented IT professionals who take pride in their skills and in their passion for solving complex challenges. That’s why we’ve created a recruiting process that matches the right pro to the right job. We specialize in staffing high-demand, project-specific positions by supporting VMS, MSP and other corporate-layer human-capital procurement teams. So this could be your chance for a great future.

In short, with Meridian, you’ll find precisely the right opportunities to put your short- and long-term career goals well within reach。 Problem solved!


All Meridian consultants have the opportunity to participate in our 401(k) plan after just one year of service. Many consultants will have access to other benefits, including healthcare, through our clients. Please talk with your recruiter for specific details.


In constantly seeking to provide you the finest in employee-benefit programs, Meridian Technologies has adopted a 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan. This plan is specially designed to help you successfully save for retirement.

All active employees who have completed one year of service and are 21 years of age are eligible to participate in the plan. Entry dates for 401(k) deferrals are on the first day of each month following your eligibility or on the first day of the following month. All employees upon satisfying the age and eligibility service requirements can rollover prior Profit Sharing, IRA, 401(k), 403(b) and 457 assets into your 401(k) plan. This allows you to keep your retirement savings together. It also allows you to borrow from all retirement type assets.

The Meridian Technologies 401(k) plan is a Safe Harbor plan and will therefore match $1.00 for every dollar you contribute, up to three percent of total compensation. We will then match $.50 for every dollar you contribute on the next 2% of total compensation. This equals a 4% tax-free match if you contribute 5%. The match will be deposited to your account annually. All Meridian consultants have the opportunity to participate in our 401(k) plan after just one year of service. Many consultants will have access to an array of other benefits, including healthcare, through our clients. Please talk with your recruiter for specific details.

“My experience with Meridian has been extremely rewarding. The recruiters are professional and very engaged with their employees. They really do go above and beyond in making sure everyone has the tools and support needed to be successful in their assignment. I am proud to be affiliated with such a great team.”
- Meridian Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions. For more, please visit our FAQ page.

How do I apply for a job with Meridian Staffing?

If you'd like to be considered for an opportunity, but you don’t see a current job posting on Dice, CareerBuilder or Monster that matches your skills and experience, you may complete the form on the job postings page to contact a recruiter.

What type of benefits do you offer?

After just one year of service, we offer you the opportunity to participate in our 401(k) plan to help you work toward your long-term retirement goals。 We also offer a range of other benefits, so please be sure to ask your recruiter for specific details。

Who are your clients?

Checkout the About Us page to learn more.

What is the average length of an assignment?

The average length of a Meridian contracting assignment can range from six to 24 months, but the length of any assignment will vary based on the client’s needs. Our team of experienced staffing professionals will work with you to place you in a position that fits your short- and/or long-term goals.

Consultant Care

At Meridian, we value our consultants and believe their role is critical to fulfilling the mission of our company. We make it a priority to provide them with the continued support they deserve throughout their assignment by designating a Consultant Care Coordinator that they can contact with their various needs. In addition, Meridian is always looking for opportunities to express appreciation for our consultants’ hard work and partnership. A few ways we regularly show our gratitude include, but are not limited to, welcome packages, consultant-of-the-month awards, appreciation luncheons, birthday recognitions, years-of-service awards and newsletters. Simply put, we’re a company that knows how to treat our consultants as important members of the team!

How to contact the problem solvers

We’re always eager to hear from those who want to learn more about what we do and how we can help。 Here are the best ways to get in touch with us。

Meridian Consulting

Consulting Solutions — Corporate — HR, Finance and Operations
8665 Baypine Rd. Suite 210
Jacksonville, FL 32256

CSI — Sales and Recruiting — Tallahassee
3512 S. Maclay Blvd.
Tallhassee, FL 32312

CSI — Sales and Recruiting — Dallas
5910 N. Central EXPY, Suite 780
Tallhassee, FL 32312

JDC Group — Sales and Recruiting — Atlanta
980 Hammond Dr., Suite 1250
Atlanta, GA 30328

JDC Group — Sales and Recruiting — Nashville
501 Union Street, Suite 600B
Nashville, TN 37219

Meridian Technologies — Sales & National Recruiting Center — Charlotte
5250 Seventy-Seven Centre Dr.,
Suite 200
Charlotte, NC 28217

Meridian Technologies — Sales and Recruiting — Arlington, VA
2201 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22201

Seeking Talent?

Contact either of our staffing offices or send us a message here:

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