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Camper Details

Our ATV Campers Are Built to Last

Our ATV Campers are built with sturdy, heavy-duty 1,800 pound Dexter axles, steel frames, and fiberglass or metal sides. Designed for off-road travel and pulled by your UTV or ATV to your desired location. Our ATV Campers have enough storage space to hold all your gear.

Our Traditional ATV Campers comes 6'L x 3'H x 4' 6"W with an extra storage area of 10"H x 31"W x 6' but you can customize the size of your ATV Camper to whatever your needs require. There are two side doors. One side door opens down for your kitchen set-up, the other side door opens out for loading all your gear. All doors are powder-coated paint for durablity. The traditional model also comes with two back stablizer jacks, hitch, and top of the line fiberglass and diamond plating outsides.

We also offer a Deluxe ATV Campers, which is the same as our previously mentioned traditional model, but it also comes fully insulated and painted on the inside with built-in, sliding, painted cabinets and it has three doors instead of just two, third one in the back of trailer.

All of our ATV Camper models come with one standard 1 7/8" ball hitch and two back stablizer jacks for leveling. Our ATV Campers have a weight load capacity of 1,100 pounds.

There are many additional features that you can add to your ATV Camper, such as a canopy tent (available in colors to match your camper) to cover your kitchen area. They also come in variety of colors for you to choose from or make your own color scheme. We can custom build our ATV Campers in any size or color to meet your needs.

Use Our ATV Campers and Their Myriad Additional Features for Many Purposes:

View our Photo Gallery to see the many different uses for our ATV Campers.

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