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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Go Camping at Least Once a Year

November 03, 2016

If you've never had the joy of going on a camping trip, it's about time you got out of the city and into the amazing outdoors. Camping is a totally unique experience that is a must for everyone, even if you're a city person and could never imagine yourself sleeping on the ground and cooking over an open fire. At ATV Campers we know that once you've tried it, you'll be captivated for life.

Sometimes, you just need a little motivation to get up and head outside, that's why we want to give you these 5 wonderful reasons to get to a campsite, explore, breathe new air, and enjoy a night under the stars with great company.

  1. You are totally unplugged, far away from the stress of city life
  2. Every now and then, it is good to just turn off your phone, live in the moment, and really enjoy the amazing things of nature. When you don't have to worry if someone texted or called you, or think that a landscape would be a great picture for your social media, you are free to enjoy the place, the people around you, and the experience you are living.

    Camping gets you out into nature and away from work, phones, and all the worries of daily life. This ensures a true escape from city life, because nothing can beat the meditation of strolling amongst quiet, towering trees or the technology detox of not using your phone for a while or browsing the Internet on your computer. If you're ever feeling burdened or stressed out, camping is the perfect answer.

  3. Reconnect and rediscover nature's magnificence

  4. Camping and being outside is not just about discovering a new environment and disconnecting from daily worries, it's also a way to develop an appreciation for nature and respect for the environment and all the things around you. In case you didn't know, nature is the best place to meditate, solve problems, and get inspiration…

    Spending a night in the middle of nowhere, where you can't get a cellphone signal and you're no longer surrounded by crowds, will make you feel more comfortable with yourself and your own thoughts. You'll surely discover a newfound love for the outdoors and find yourself more relaxed and at peace in the wilderness. Essentially, you just can be yourself with the world.

  5. It makes you healthier and happier

  6. When your daily routine consists of sitting in an office or being at home with the kids, chances are your opportunities to exercise are limited. That's why one of the numerous and most important benefits of camping is that you can walk among nature, breathe fresh air, and exercise outdoors, in a totally different environment.

    The exercise you get on camping trips is not only beneficial for your physical health, it's also beneficial for your mental health, as it increases energy levels and improves your mood by generating serotonin, which means that you'll feel happier. This point is not limited to camping, by simply escaping the daily grind and hitting the great outdoors, you'll feel healthier.

  7. Quality time with your family and friends

  8. Camping is the best way to spend quality time with the people you cherish. When you have no worries, no cellphone, and no work to do, walking with your family, exploring new places, or just sitting around a fire to talk and tell stories is a perfect opportunity to reconnect with them and experience something different to what you're used to.

    Additionally, if you want to go on a trip to have fun and also educate your kids and teach them new things about nature, camping trips are the best choice. Your kids will not only learn how to survive in the wilderness, they'll also learn to love nature and appreciate family time.

  9. It's inexpensive

  10. Camping is way cheaper than planning a vacation to other cities, theme parks, or tourist attractions. Once you get the right equipment, food, and supplies, you are completely free for the rest of the trip. You can save a lot of money if you go on a camping trip during the week or right after tourist season.

As you can see, camping is one of the best choices for a trip with friends or family. It's not only a different and healthy experience, it's also a fun and inexpensive way to enjoy nature. If you have a family, you have even more reasons to pack up some gear, get into your camper, and head for the hills. For kids who have never been amongst the trees and wilderness, it's a truly eye-opening experience, and it can really help bring a family or a group closer together without the distractions of modern day life.

Are you interested in going on a camping trip with an ATV? We have exactly what you need! Whether you work outdoors or just love to enjoy nature's majesty, hauling your gear, cooking equipment, or tools just got easier with We can build an ATV camper in whatever size you need so you can go wherever you want. Give us a call at (509) 243-4382 or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. Our representatives will quickly answer any questions you may have.

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