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ATV Campers

are Built To Last:

Designed for Off-Road Travel
Heavy Duty 1,800 pound Dexter Axles
Heavy Duty Steel Frames
Available with Fiberglass or Metal Sides
Pulled by your UTV or ATV
Available in different sizes and options
Plenty of Space to hold all your Gear!

Use our ATV Campers for:

ATV Club Rides and Tailgating Parties
Hunting and Fishing Trips
Ranch and Farming Duties
and much much more (read full list)

ATV Campers
ATV Campers with Tent
ATV Campers Cook
ATV Campers Hitch
ATV Campers Red

The Little Trailer That Could

Whether you work outdoors or just love to enjoy nature's majesty, hauling your cooking equipment or tools just got easier. ATV Campers by Cook ATV Campers LLC can be built in whatever size you need, can take the tough roads, and go where wimpy

ATV Camper Trailers

never went before.

Why our ATV Camper Trailers?

Our ATV Camper Trailers were designed and built by veteran commercial construction experts that enjoy camping and the off-road and who personally needed an ATV Camper to haul all their gear. Through years of designing and re-designing we've created the most sturdiest, heavy-duty, and complete ATV Campers the market has to offer. We're confident that once you try our ATV Campers you'll wish you had bought it years ago.

ATV Camper Details

Our ATV Campers are built with sturdy, heavy-duty 1,800 pound Dexter axles, steel frames, and fiberglass or metal sides. Designed for off-road travel and pulled by your UTV or ATV to your desired location. Our ATV Campers have enough storage space to hold all your gear. We provide two distinct models, our traditional and deluxe, but we can also customize our ATV Campers to fit your specific needs. See our Camper Details section for a full list of features.

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